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新聞資訊:Altair2015年亞太區電磁相容國際 學術會議上展示FEKO技術

      2015 5 25-29 日,2015年亞太區電磁相容國際 學術會議(APEMC2015)在臺北圓山大飯店召 開,Altair應邀參加本次會議,展 示了最新的電磁模擬研究成果以及HyperWorks FEKO電磁解決方案在各領域 的成功應用。Altair電磁解決方案副總裁(FEKO軟體創始人)Ulrich Jakobus博士出席會議並做學術 報告“Advanced Numerical Modelling Techniques in FEKO for Real-World EMC Problems”

      Jakobus博士同期受邀於526日在國立臺灣大學做專 場學術研討會,與相關領域師生深入探討FEKO數值電磁混合演算法與 應用。

APEMC 2015

Abou APEMC 2015
The 2015 Asia-Pacific International EMC Symposium and Exhibition will be held in The Grand Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan, from May 25 to 29, 2015. The symposium aims to share recent advances in all aspects of EMC in the Asia-Pacific region, to respond the EMC requirements for all rising technologies, and to closely link up the international EMC community. The symposium will cover the entire scope of EMC; especially, it will offer a rich technical program of highest quality, lectures presented by distinguished speakers from all over the world, and a broad forum for interacting between academia and industry. We wish to invite all prospective authors and experts to submit original papers on their latest research. We also encourage the proposals for the special sessions, workshop, tutorial and exhibition.
More : http://www.apemc2015.org/


apemc program

About FEKO
1. (20150529) Dr. Ulrich Jakobus / 08:30 - 10:10 / Room: VF110 (Shi Quan Room)
WS08-1: Numerical/Computational EM Techniques in the Applications of EMC/Antennas I
Chairs: Prabbakar Pathak (The Ohio State University, United States); Shih-Chung Tuan (OIT, Taiwan)
A systematic Antenna Scattering Based Hybrid Numerical – UTD Analysis to Predict the EM Wave Interaction Between Reader – Tag Antennas in RFID Systems
Prabhakar H. Pathak (The Ohio State University, USA)
Advanced Simulation Platform for In-body and On-body Transmitting Devices
Nicholas Chavannes & Erdem Ofli (Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (Speag), Switzerland)
Advanced Numerical Modelling Techniques in FEKO for Real-World EMC Problems
Ulrich Jakobus (Altair Development S.A. (Pty) Ltd, South Africa)

2. (20150528) 11:30 Electromagnetic Radiation of Railgun and Shielding Effects From Its Structures / Shen Shou Chung (National Yang Ming University, Taiwan); Yu-Chou Chuang (Tatung University, Taiwan) .

3. 主題:深入探討FEKO數值電磁混合演算法與應用
時間: 2015.05.26 / 14:00 – 16:00
地點: 台灣大學 電機二館146教室
費用 : 免費 ( 線上報名)
主講者 : Dr. Ulrich Jakobus (Altair Development S.A. (Pty) Ltd, South Africa)

4. 相關活動照片 (APEMC2015 / 國立臺灣大學專場學術研討 會)
U-H-lin Hugo-ASUS01  NTU


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